You're Doing Great

You're Doing Great
Photo by Eye for Ebony / Unsplash

This portion of January is always a little awkward isn't it? We have opened all the presents, partaken of all the traditions, toasted in the New Year, sent the kiddos back to school, and we are contemplating when we will get around to taking down lights or trees or decorations. We have finished the marathon called "the holiday season" and now everyone is circling back on those emails we put off until the New Year. We are excited about plans and goals and intentions but we also maybe need a vacation from the vacation. And in the midst of all those realities, we just want you to know that you are doing great.

We don't care if you haven't started on your resolutions yet (or if you already broke them!) We don't care you've decided NOT to hit the ground running. We are for you, even if creating goals was just too much this year.

We think you're doing great, and we hope you know that, too.

What's Good?

We are thoroughly enjoying your responses to this couples chart! Please stop by and tell us your relationship goals. Shoutout to dearkarla who chose David and Patrick (insert heart eyes here).  

More Goodies

The Flow: Please tell us you didnt miss the Different World reunion on Red Table Talk! It was so wonderful to hear the cast members share about all the love and support they experienced on this show and the incredible leadership of Debbie Allen. (Also, Kimmy is rarely on reunion shows, but she makes an appearance!)

Pregnant Pause: Sheryl Lee Ralph was asked a question on the Golden Globes red carpet, "What would you tell your 15 year old self?" Her response is everything.

Cravings: Did you hear that In N Out is expanding!? This is a very exciting development for those of us who live on the other side of the country from California/Texas. It might take some time but... we'll wait.

Eye Candy: We love us some Katie Porter (the US representative in California) and this photo doesnt disappoint!