Tossing Beads

Tossing Beads
Photo by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography / Unsplash

Our timelines are filling up with colorful photos from Mardi Gras. There are feathers and beads and glitter and parades and music and families- it’s amazing. Of course there is also the silly stereotype of flashing people for beads, which had us giggling at the idea that we- far past our perky twenties- would do such a thing. We joked about what might happen if we flashed our uneven, misshapen, drooping breasts… and had a good laugh. While we aren’t prepared to bare our breasts at a parade, we nonetheless want to be able to celebrate our bodies. Even if only in the mirror, we hope this week you can find space to celebrate all the bits of your body- the rolls and thickness, the tiger stripes and cellulite, the wrinkles and scars, the beauty of the ecosystem that is all yours. We hope you will flash yourself in the mirror and then celebrate all on your own (maybe even with beads!)

Whats Good?

We are hard at work creating treatments for stories we want to tell about Black women and girls. Its impossible to do that with reminiscing about some of our favorite black characters- Whitley Gilbert, Moesha, Tia and Tamara, Laura Winslow, Maxine Shaw, the list is so good!

More Goodies!

Eye Candy: We were absolutely mesmerized by Justina Miles as she signed Rihanna's Super Bowl halftime show.

The Flow: Usher surprises our Auntie Anita Baker during the first stop of her Songstress tour.

Shits & Giggles: Janelle Monae's highlight reel on the court at this NBA All-Star game has us cracking up.  

Cravings: Please enjoy this article about Black chefs in New Orleans from the New York Times (if you've reached your limit, ask a friend to send; thats what we do!)