Thotties, Hustles & Red Flags

Thotties, Hustles & Red Flags
Photo by Leonardo Sanches / Unsplash

Welcome to the inaugural post for Sassy! May your next 5 minutes be filled with delight!  

Cramping My Style

by Brooke Campbell

Ain't this bout a bitch. Well, actually it is.

I’m tired of the ways this term is used to demean and dismiss women.  When women are being bold, declaring an opinion, exerting ourselves and taking care of business, we become bitches. Heaven forbid we undermine the patriarchy by being whole people.  When we take up our god-given space we’re bitches but not only that… when we have visceral responses to the negative treatment we've received, then we’re labeled as crazy.  Folks are quick to label an ex as crazy, but next time a potential partner says that about their ex, don’t always believe the hype.  Often, being called “crazy” is a dismissive deflection that allows the person using it to avoid responsibility for their own bad behavior.  

Let’s be honest, calling women crazy or bitches says more about the person throwing those terms around, than the person being called them. For me it begs the questions: Is this person threatened or intimated by women who stand in their power?  And what role did this person play in the relationship- were they disrespectful, dishonest or hurtful?

Funny how when we don't fit neatly into the boxes prescribed for us,  we are given labels to dismiss us.  But we won't be stripped of our humanity, our feelings, our worth, or our experiences to make anyone feel better about their shortcomings or their piss poor behavior.


Thanks to its antibodies, a few drops of breast milk can be used to help treat cuts, soothe diaper rash, or even help infants with eye and ear infections.

The Flo(w)

by Stephanie McBee

Ok ladies, now we’re stepping out of formation, and we’re finding liberation, huh?! Baby, when I tell you that Beyoncé is out here freeing all the church girls… I mean there’s about to be a whole revival on the dance floor filled with first ladies, preachers and PKs dropping it like it’s hot. Bey’s new album Renaissance is upon us! Despite greedy capitalists trying to spoil the moment by leaking her new music, the stans stayed loyal and graciously waited for the Queen to release her 2-year labor of love; and baby it was worth the wait.

Act one of Renaissance blesses us with 16 tracks and transitions between each song that immaculately transport you into a new dimension of freedom. To say that this album is a vibe is an understatement. It’s a movement… it’s the pulse of a generation… it’s the awakening of a new era. Bey took her time during that pandemic and poured all our pains into perfectly positioned melodies that would renew our souls. And if this is just Act One, then prepare to lose your mind and your money when her tour is announced after Acts two and three drop.

Bey, I see you, and on behalf of church girls worldwide, we accept your invitation to love on our bodies, and drop it like a thottie; but I can’t promise we won’t hurt nobody.

Pregnant Pause

by Brooke Campbell

I draped myself in your red flags. I shall never be that cold again.