The Future is Female

The Future is Female
Photo by Muhammad-taha Ibrahim / Unsplash

It's Women's History Month and there is much to celebrate- the political warriors, the fashion icons, the creative inventors, the Nobel Prize winners, the CEOs, the Founders- and YOU. Yes, you. The teachers and social workers and assistants and nurses and coordinators and lawyers and doctors and writers. Yes you, the mothers and aunties and grandmothers and cousins and sisters and daughters and best friends. Yes, you in your everydayness. Yes, you in your fleece pajamas. Yes, you as you circle the grocery store and stop for gas and wait in line at the post office. Yes, you. Because you are here. Right now. You are leaving your mark. You are the present but you are also the future.

What's Good?

Did you see that Austin's book was featured on last week's episode of BelAir!?

More Goodies!

We are still celebrating Angela Bassett's NAACP's Entertainer of the Year Award and this amazing speech.

We are following Piphus Peace all the way to Sesame Street where she is the first Black female puppeteer.

We couldnt be more pleased that illustrious author, Toni Morrison, will be given a forever stamp by the USPS.

Jonathan Majors has us swooning with this NPR interview, especially where we discusses masculinity.