Stay Weird

Stay Weird
Photo by Dan Parlante / Unsplash

We are all so weird. In our last two team meetings the following happened: finger guns were aimed, "cheerio" was used as a greeting, purple hair made an appearance, few bras were worn, and Kenny Loggins was referenced on more than one occassion. This is all fairly normal for our crew, because we each gave up on being cool a long time ago. Instead we are learning to delight in what makes us weird because that's where connections are made, our love for one another is deepened, and our genius shines. This week, we hope that you can be your weird self and know that you are appreciated just as you are.

What's Good?

We have so many questions for you related to dating! What was your best date? How about your worst? Have you ever received terrible dating advice? Tell us everything!

More Goodies!

The Flow: Please enjoy this Jimmy Kimmel segment with the absolutely delightful Alexis Nikole (who you may know as Black Forager).

Eye Candy: These photos of Black women from the afropunk instagram page are as beautiful as they are rebellious.  

Periods + Sentences: Anne Helen Peterson takes us back to our scrapbooking years as she recounts whittling down her basement collection of memories in Archiving Your Teen Self. Nostalgic and earnest, this is a great read.

Cravings: If you live near Pittsburgh, dont miss this event- Barrell & Flow- a beer festival celebrating Black breweries.