Space for Magic

Space for Magic
Photo by Centre for Ageing Better / Unsplash

A couple weeks ago, Austin had the honor of attending the Sundance Film Festival for a couple days. Her trip was sponsored by a lovely group of people who are just as passionate as we are about representation in media. The group was kind enough to host a brunch and ask their friends in media to attend. When we started making the guest list, the organizer said, "Why dont we leave a couple chairs open because you never know who you might meet and want to invite while you're there? Let's leave some space for the magic." Yall, it turned out that magic came and brought her friends. We were expecting 20 people, but 40 showed up! This week, we hope you can leave some space for the beautifully unexpected, and we hope she brings lots of friends.

What's Good?

Did you know that our team member Jenny Booth Potter has a book out in the world called "Doing Nothing is No Longer and Option"?

More Goodies!

Pregnant Pause: Lizzo sent us all to church during the grammys with a message from her heart, "In case nobody told you today... you're special".

Eye Candy: 10 seconds you are not going to regret with dancer Chalver Monteiro

The Flow: Black women showed out at the Grammys.  Viola Davis reaches EGOT status; she is only the third Black woman to do so. Beyonce breaks the record for the most Grammy wins. Lizzo takes home record of the year, the first Black woman to do so since Whitney Houston. Samara Joy, jazz singer, takes home two Grammys. Opera singers Angel Blue and Latonia Moore took home Grammys for "Fire Shut Up in my Bones". Basically, Black women continue to be absolute magic.  

Shits + Giggles: Dolly Parton has a very important PSA for us all.