Slipping, Tripping & Breathing

Slipping, Tripping & Breathing
Photo by Kiana Bosman / Unsplash

When we think about Girl Power, it often leads us to expect so much of ourselves. But what if Girl Power was about saving ourselves?

I Could...

Cramping My Style by Jenny Booth Potter

I need/want to give a disclaimer. What is currently cramping my style is something a lot of people would like and is soaked in privilege. I acknowledge that fully. Nevertheless, she persisted with her rant.

Like many workers, my job changed to fully remote in 2020. At first (when I could forget that I was hiding in my house from a devastating virus ravishing the world) it was convenient to be able to throw a load of laundry in the washer before a meeting, or run to the store on an extended lunch break. But that fuzzy line of work labor and home labor became fuzzier and fuzzier, until it almost didn’t exist at all. And at the end of summer of 2022, I can attest that I am still slipping and tripping, not fully standing on a solid foundation.

Maybe its because each and every day, I wrestle with the sense that I could do (almost) anything. I could make coffee (okthat’s a non-negotiable starter to my day, who am I kidding!?) I could water the plants outside. I could send an email to a co-worker. I could start a second load of laundry. I could do pilates. I could read a book. I could make a big breakfast. I could schedule some meetings. I could, I could, I could.

“I could” is leaving me overwhelmed, frazzled, exhausted, and unfocused. And frankly, it’s all cramping my style.

Silver lining: What I am learning about myself in all of this is how important routines are to me, so very recently (aka the last 3 days) I’ve started the smallest morning routine. After I get my kids off to school, I make my coffee, I drink it while I play Wordle, I do about 15-20 minutes of pilates, and then I write my to-do list. Filling my morning with taks I’ve already decided on offers me some of the clarity I desperately crave. I mean what’s the best antidote to cramps? Giving in to your cravings!

Pregnant Pause

by Stephanie McBee

This place. This moment. This Time. This season is exactly where you’re supposed to be. See yourself in this moment. Be. Here. Now

Paper Girls

The Flo(w) by Brooke Campbell

I enjoy anything that's set in the 80s, 90s, or early 2000s. These shows give me all the good, nostalgic feels. So I started watching Paper Girls on Amazon Prime, which is set in the 80s. Can I say that just on the title alone, I love that we get to see girls performing what is historically a "boys" job. The show centers around four paper girls- all from different racial and economic backgrounds; Jewish, Chinese, Black, and White.

While still having doses of humor, the show seamlessly addresses immigration, racism, adulting, parental expectations, and gender bias. These girls are practically strangers, but despite this and all their differences, they defend and look out for each other. What a novel concept in modern media- that women could have each other's backs. It's a raw and gritty program, but I personally am tickled when I hear children swear. Paper Girls is Stand By Me meets Stranger Things dipped in diversity and drenched in estrogen!  

If you enjoy sci-fi and intelligent, bad-ass, female tweens, this might be the show for you.


"Breathing is also one of the very few involuntary bodily functions over which you can exert intentional influence; you can deliberately modify how you breathe in ways that promote health, well-being, and mindful awareness. Breathing intentionally is one of the most elemental yet powerful ways to bring yourself to present-moment awareness, quiet the mind, and self-calm." - The Subtle Yet Profound Act of Breathing, Dan Mager, Psychology Today

You Say Tomato

Cravings by Jenny Booth Potter

It is full on tomato season and as a recent convert to the fruit (controversial, I know) I am making up for lost time. This isn’t so much a recipe as it is an encouragement: go buy tomatoes, the fresher the better (looking at you farmers market), add a dash of flaky salt, and drizzle with the addictive balsamic glaze (TJs is the only one I’ve had, but this one from Target looks comparable). Extra credit if you watch how to cut your tomato correctly.