Raising Herself

Raising Herself
Photo by Kindred Hues Photography / Unsplash

Who raised you? Maybe (if you're like us) it was a mixture. Part your family, your cousins and aunties and best friends, plus a dash of Claire Huxtable, Judy Blume, and every after-school special. Maybe it was LeVar Burton, Mister Rogers, the Golden Girls and Mrs. Winslow.  And we can't forget the teachers who passed us books that connected with our hearts or the coaches who pushed us beyond what we imagined for ourselves. Or maybe you don't feel raised yet, still feel like there is more growing up in your future. Maybe you are doing the good, hard work of raising yourself. To that, we say cheers to the raising and to the rising of you.

What's Good?

Austin and Stephanie headed to Arizona this week for the Mom 2.0 Summit where Austin was one of the many fabulous keynote speakers.

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