Quit Something

Quit Something
Photo by Alvin Balemesa / Unsplash

When in your life have you quit something? It doesn’t have to be big - like a relationship or a job - it could be smaller, like ballet when you were 5 or a book you weren’t enjoying or trying to go to bed earlier (everyone knows night owls have a bit more fun anyway). Maybe it was something for your health, a bad habit, a slight addiction. Maybe it was an unkind thought pattern, toxic positivity, a faith that no longer fits or a dating app.

Quitting gets a bad rap sometimes, but there are so many reasons to quit even when it feels like you are giving up. We prefer to look at it like you are making room. Making room in your schedule or your energy or your body for something good. What can you quit today to make room for something (fingers crossed) even better?

What's Good?

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