Anyone need to push the reset button?

Anyone need to push the reset button?
Photo by Tom Grünbauer / Unsplash

We made it. The last couple of years have been a lot. We have survived a global pandemic, an attack on the capital, a national racial reckoning, multiple natural disasters, and personal losses that have rocked us. But we made it.

We are still here.

And it feels like it might be time to push the reset button. We want you to join us for the next 7 weeks as we reflect on where we've been and where we'd like to go. We are tapping out of business as usual, so we can live purposeful lives.

Don't miss this 7 week podcast series called Full Reset starting in November!

Every week join us- as we gather to talk about everything from careers to sex! We are bringing the realness! And we hope you will bring your real self too.

Think of the next few weeks as your goodie bag! A goodie bag of stories, laughter, aha moments, and sisterhood. Because sometimes all you need to make it to the next moment is to have a little reset.


The Deets:

Who? Join the women behind Sassy (Austin, Stephanie, Brooke and Jenny) as we share about the ways we are trying to reset some old habits, old thinking, old assumptions. It's a new day and we hope you'll reset with us.

What? Full Reset is a podcast of four women discussing our coming of age stories, because even in our thirties, we are still growing up!

When? Our first epsisode drops on Novemeber 1.  

Where? You'll be able to head to your favorite platform for listening to podcasts to catch new epsiodes. We'll also put links, clips, and other goodies right here in this newsletter for the 7 week series!