Preparing for Joy

Preparing for Joy
Photo by De'Andre Bush / Unsplash

Flip through a journal at the end of the year, and you may find the difficult moments of your year may receive more pages than the good. But Herself wants to support all the beauty in your life with a little hack. This year Austin started keeping a different kind of journal- a corkboard one. There she finds a home for all the surprise cards, silly photos and notes-to-self that brought her joy over the year.  It's a visible reminder of the good. What if the best thing you can do to ensure delight in the New Year isn't through resolutions or goals but by preparing for joy- and giving yourself a place to remember it.

What's Good?

Did you hear the news? We are gearing up for season two of Full Reset! And we'd love to hear your stories, regrets, and do-overs. Head to our instagram page for prompts and the link to send us an audio message.

More Goodies

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