Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead
Photo by Alexa Williams / Unsplash

There is something so hopeful about planning. It requires a certain optimism, a deep belief that magic is still possible for you. Whether you plan in a fancy notebook, a scrap of paper, a vision board or a journal- we hope that you feel the infusion of life-giving hope that comes with planning for 2023. Happy New Year!

What's Good?

Sometimes a resolution just isn't enough. If what you need is a full reset, we've got you covered! Check out season one of our podcast as we talk parenting, careers, worst advice, bodies and, of course, sex! You can listen on apple, spotify, or even youtube!

New Year Goodies:

Don't you love a year-end list?!

Cravings: There's loads of interesting information in the Uber Eats Cravings report for 2022, but you must scroll down to the hilarious list of most unique delivery requests.

The Flow: NPR's Codeswitch podcast gathers its team to discuss tv that mattered in 2022. Take a listen.  

Pregnant Pause: The Google Year in Review is always a fun way to look back on popular google searches. Did you know you can also check out local google trends from the year?

Eye Candy: Please enjoy Timeout's list of the best art exhibits of 2022.