Parents (still) just don't understand

Parents (still) just don't understand
Photo by Caleb Angel / Unsplash

The Fierce Four are back with a new episode of Full Reset, diving into all things parenthood! Yes, just in time for the holidays with family and friends- we offer you a seat at our little table to talk about parenting.


You might want to grab yourself a treat or a small glass of wine for this one. We are back and talking through our parenting woes, worries and regrets. Our parents just didnt understand and you know... we dont either! Sit back, relax and join us as we talk about parenthood.

More Goodies

Pregnant Pause: Take a moment for yourself to feel your feelings- especially the ones of loss. We experienced a national tragedy this week, and you may have your own personal losses to mourn. We see you. Thank you, Morgan for always allowing room for our humanity.

The Flow: Our Forever First Lady is back with another book. This one is called The Light We Carry. One thing we love about Michelle- she's going to tell us the truth and empower us at the same time.

Eye Candy: Is there such a thing as ear candy? Because this moving hymn by a football (soccer) team has been making its way around the web and we had to share it with you. We must say, they do also look beautiful while singing.

Cravings: Yo, its Thanksgiving! Tell us what you're craving!