The Only Email Not Selling Anything for the Holiday

The Only Email Not Selling Anything for the Holiday
Photo by Carlos Felipe Ramírez Mesa / Unsplash

All we want for you is delight. Because somewhere along the road, as we grow older we become the keepers of the Holidays instead of the participants. We are the gift-givers, gatekeepers, wranglers, and wardens. This week, even if it's only for a moment, grab hold of a little wonder, a little nostalgia, a little playfulness - and enjoy the present.

Holiday Goodies:

Pregnant Pause: May the holidays be an opportunity to be gentle with yourself. Here are some tips on how to avoid food guilt by debunking some myths and encouraging new practices.

Cravings: We've got your craving for something cheery covered in this list of Hanukkah Cocktails and Drinks- from the boozy to the cozy to the pretty, there's something here for everyone.

The Flow: We love Christmas music (Austin plays it year round!) and there is no playlist quite like this one featuring RUN DMC, Tyler The Creator, Snoop and Outkast. Or if you're feeling more soulful, check out this playlist with Stevie, Otis Redding, James Brown and Eartha Kitt.

Eye Candy: This year many of our friends noticed greater representation within holiday trimmings- ornaments, wrapping paper, pajamas and more featured Black joy prominently. So we thought you might be interested in a little more. These sweet photos of Black Santa are certain to warm your heart.