It's Cuffing Season

It's Cuffing Season
Photo by Geran de Klerk / Unsplash

Mother nature snapped her fingers and said, "I declare it hoodie season." The temps have dropped, the sun is setting earlier, and we are all two seconds away from turning on the fireplace on Netflix. It's sexy season, and we've got you covered with some of our fall faves.  

Turning into a Pumpkin

Cramping My Style by Austin Channing Brown

Pumpkin spice, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin creamer, pumpkin butter, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin popcorn, pumpkin ice cream… tis the season when every food company believes the highest form of autumnal comfort is pumpkins. Like an extreme cinderella story, when the clock strikes fall, product shelves turn into one large pumpkin.

Once upon a time, coffee drinkers could enjoy the mark of the changing season by the addition of pumpkin spices or a pumpkin latte from Starbucks. I don't drink coffee, but this makes sense to me. A warm drink that smells like fall- sure?! But things have gotten out of control. Think I’m exaggerating? How about these pumpkin Oreos? Pumpkin Cheerios? Pumpkin Pringles? Pumpkin spice sparkling water? Pumpkin spice chicken sausage? Some of these are no longer being made, and it’s a good thing because I think pumpkin chicken sausage moves us from “trend” to “craze”…

But it gets worse. Because non-food brands are joining the fray hoping to harvest some of that pumpkin-craze cash. Is the love of pumpkins so strong that we need it in our deodorant, scrub, lip balm?

What happened to the other fall flavors- cinnamon, cider, apple, maple, caramel, and nutmeg? There are so many other comfort foods, flavors, and inspirations. I mean can we get a little sexy?  I’m all for the celebration of autumn, but I need companies to extend their creativity beyond the insides of a jack o’ lantern.


by Jenny Booth Potter

Women are more likely to have cold feet because men’s blood flow is spread fairly evenly throughout the body whereas women’s blood flow is concentrated through the lower extremities. So, true love is playing footsie with us until we are warm.

Good Luck to Self-Discovery

The Flow by Brooke Campbell

Well, it's nearing Cuffing Season, gang, so I was looking for a movie that embodies the occasion. Just one problem- I don’t like romantic movies. So I found myself searching for a film that doesn't sound remotely romantic. That’s when I stumbled upon Good Luck to You, Leo Grande on Hulu.  

In this movie, Emma Thompson gives a brilliant performance as a retired widow who hires a young sex worker for one night of the kind of pleasure that was missing from her marriage. The movie is mostly set in a hotel room, and there we witness this beautiful movie.  

I'm not quite old enough to relate to the appeal of a younger lad. What the hell would we talk about anyway… anime?!  Although, I suppose talking isn't the purpose, right? Even though I'm not in the same life-stage as the main character, this movie surprised me. It was not what I expected. It was actually rather - sweet and dare I say delightful, even?  It made me smile.  

But after it made me smile it made me sad, then it made me think, then it made me smile again. It was not a twisted Oedipus theme focused on their age difference nor was it a modern-day twist on Pretty Woman. It was exactly what it was- itself.  It managed to be complex and delicious. Beautiful and ugly.  Sweet and savory. Life is layered and writer, Katy Brand, reflects that in a lasagna of experiences, neatly sliced in a saucy 90-minute helping.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande celebrates the beauty of the human form- ageless and imperfect.  It explores the art of undoing and shedding shame.  It uplifts the glory of pleasure and delight. Emma shows us how the repressive robs the human experience. We are shown that touch, warmth, flesh, sensuality, and intimacy are healing. And while we often think of these encounters as partnered, in this film we realize that these experiences do not just connect us to other people but, perhaps more importantly, to ourselves.  Worshiping at our own altars is where we discover our own divinity.

Let cuffing season begin.

Fall Faves

She's Gotta Have It by Stephanie McBee

While you don’t have to prep anything specific for cuffing season (including a bae) it’s nice to have a couple clutch essentials on deck! Whether you’re rolling solo or boo’d up, I have a speciality blend of my favorite fall must haves for your sassiness.

First make sure you have a dope AF playlist to get you grooving.  Second, the cool crisp air is the perfect pairing for an autumn cocktail. My drink of choice is a nice bourbon or whiskey, so I’m recommending you check out Brough Brother’s Bourbon, which is Kentucky’s first black owned distillery. This is an amazing brand for fun twists on fall ciders; and strong enough to make you warm and fuzzy inside.


Now, while you’re sipping and listening, be sure the mood is set just right with the luxury fragrance and candle brand, the 125th Collection. This company was founded right in the heart of Harlem on 125th Street. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the inspirational and sometimes even cheeky quotes printed on the candles along with it’s beautiful scents bursting through the flames. Now that you have your music, drink, and lighting set… are you calling bae or setting off a dope party for one?

Pregnant Pause

by Brooke Campbell

We deserve pleasure, enveloped and cultivated in every sense.

Hot Tomato Soup

Cravings by Jenny Booth Potter

There is literally nothing cozier in my opinion that a cup of hot tomato soup with a side of grilled cheese. And when I tell you this is the most crowd pleasing, easiest homemade tomato soup, I dare you to find me a better to rival it’s deliciousness. Note: I usually double or triple the recipe for yummy leftovers all week long! This weeks recipe is from Seasons & Suppers.