I'm Every Woman

I'm Every Woman
Photo by Upesh Manoush / Unsplash

We're back! In episode five of Full Reset, tune in as we gab about our bodies- missing information, misinformation, and missing the proverbial mark.  Laugh with us as we exchange awkward stories about periods, hand mirrors and learning about our lady bits.


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More Goodies:

Pregnant Pause: Do you feel like you know your body? We love this list of helpful ways to start embracing your body.

The Flow: We just cant get enough of this interview between Oprah and Quinta Brunson. Quinta is so endearing and Oprah so encouraging. It's just delightful.

Cravings: Just a warning, this is currently sold out, but we had to tell you about it in case it comes back! Check out this coffee table book featuring Waffle Houses. That's right, photographer Micah Cash allows us to peer out the window from Waffle Houses around the country without touching the sticky floors... though we'd kill for some greasy hashbrowns.

Eye Candy: I don't know why cabinets with lots of drawers makes us feel warm and cozy, but Justina Blakeney takes it to a whole new level by turning these adorable cabinets into indoor gardens.