Holla If You Hear Me

Holla If You Hear Me
Photo by zhenzhong liu / Unsplash

This week Austin is recording the audio for I'm Still Here (Adapted for Young Readers): Loving Myself in a World Not Made for Me. And a couple of months back Jenny recorded her audiobook version of Doing Nothing Is No Longer an Option: One Woman's Journey into Everyday Antiracism.

There's something special about hearing the words of an author in their voice, but  do you ever hear your voice on a recording and cringe? It sounds peculiar to your own ear... foreign even? You think to yourself, "do I really sound like that?". Interestingly enough, there's a real scientific reason for this anomaly.

Its so weird to realize that how we sound in our heads, may not be how others hear our voices. This anamoly has us thinking about the differences between seeing/hearing ourselves verses how we're perceived by others. Isn't it wild that the voice your best friends is so excited to hear at the end of a long day, is one you might not immediately recognize- yours! Maybe we can close that gap a tad. Maybe we can begin to fall in love with our actual voices, our actual selves. Maybe we could hear (or see) ourselves through the people who love us most.

This week what if we tried to love ourselves the way our besties do? What if we gave ourselves the same celebration, instead of critique. Let's practice listening to ourselves with grace and love.

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Our team member Stephanie has been killing it producing a Daytime Talk Show for NBC. She's almost at the end of the season, and we are cheering on!

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