Faux Spring

Faux Spring
Photo by Bernd đź“· Dittrich / Unsplash

Here in the Midwest, where most of our team lives, we have entered the season called faux spring. It is the moment when snow has melted. We hear birds chirping outside of our windows. The temperature dips its toe into the fifties. We see a bright blue sky that has been noticeably absent for the last 3 months. We all rush outside to enjoy it because we know that it’s only faux spring. We may have been fooled when we were children, but now we know better. We fully expect freezing temperatures to waltz back into our lives. We may get another dump of snow. More cloudy days are on the horizon. Winter has not yet released its grip… it will come again. But until then, we put on our hoodies with our gloves. We wear sweatpants and sandals. We tease faux spring like she teases us. Because we know spring is coming.

Our hope for you is that even if you are in a faux spring season- when you’re almost at the end of a project, your move is almost here, your celebration date has been set and there is there is light at the end of the tunnel- we hope you can enjoy it. We hope you will turn your face to the light and be marveled by the warmth of the sun. May your soul know that spring is coming.

What's Good?

If you are a fan of our CEO, Austin Channing Brown, you should know that she will soon be searching for people to join her book launch team! Her young readers version of I'm Still Here will release in April and she needs your help. To stay in the know, make sure you're subscribed to her substack.

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