Declarations and Dracarys

Declarations and Dracarys
Photo by Carlos Cram / Unsplash

In this edition of Sassy, we are making declarations, and if the world wont listen, well, we might have to go all "dracarys".  

Free Brittney

Cramping My Style by Brooke Campbell

 You know what really Griners my gears? Brittney Griner’s sentence of 9.5 years in a Russian jail.
 Apparently, this sentence isn't entirely out of line with Russian verdicts regarding "trafficking". But anyone who has ever enjoyed the sweet relief a cough-inducing toke brings, knows the amount in her cartridge wasn't enough to share, let alone sell.  
 Regardless, she seems to be the latest pawn in the troubled international relations between Russia and the US. The whole thing feels very internationally Maury-ish, i.e messy as hell. I do not know who the father is,  but Uncle Sam must get her home!
 I’m pretty sure if Brittney was a white, straight woman with long blonde locks, the wheels of justice might move just a tad bit faster. Just saying… Free Brittney Griner.

Pregnant Pause

by Jenny Booth Potter

What if the only “what if” we embraced was: what if it all works out?

Dracarys On That Ass

The Flo(w) by Stephanie McBee

“the cold truth… The only thing that could tear down the house of the dragon, was itself.”

 Lord Have Mercy!!! The Do Not Disturb has been reinstated on Sunday nights for all GOT fans… we’re back in these Westeros streets like we never left, Baby. Winter may not be coming for another century and some change, but this “House of the Dragon” prequel to “Game of Thrones” is already proving to be a toe curling, eye squinting, fist clenching roller coaster with all of the brothel debauchery and ratchet family quarrels we shamefully love so much. Jerry Springer and Maury ain’t got a thing on these OG Lords and whores.
 More than anything, I’m here for the journey of the rise and rule of little Rhaenyra; the tomboy who was overlooked by her father as a potential heir to the throne, until her mother and baby brother died… Whoo Chile - there’s much ahead of us as she prepares for her seat on the throne as Queen. I’m already sensing BBE (Bad Bitch Energy) that’s about to gut check that 17 AD patriarchy bull.
 But the one to watch is that damn Prince Daemon. Rhaenyra’s uncle is in rare form and I’m sure he will give us a taste of that Targaryen cray cray that Daenerys shocked us all with in the final season of GOT. I mean she straight up just “Dracarys” on ALL they asses. Sheesh!!! Clearly I’m still not over that scene. Epic!
 This season I’m here for every last “I can’t believe it,” “That’s not possible,” “You can’t just kill a main character in the first season like this” moment that is guaranteed with this series.  We may not be meeting at the water cooler on Mondays anymore but I’ll certainly be commenting and creeping in these #HOTD Twitter threads.

Dress Up Those Maintenance Meds

She's Gotta Have It by Austin Channing Brown

 This is for all the chronic illness girlies. I don't know about you, but my maintenance meds sometimes have me feeling more like a 90 year old woman than the dirty30s I’m trying to enjoy! And these foot-long pill boxes with extra large letters are not helping me find my inner alien superstar. So I was thrilled when I walked through DSW and found an unexpected treasure: the cutest little rose gold pill box and case, I had ever seen. This thing makes me feel dainty and feminine as I gulp down my pills every night. Simple as it is, I now feel like my meds are helping me maintain my sexiness instead of subtracting from it. Im making the declaration that every time I pop open my little box, I am giving myself the best chance to show up in my life. Here are a few more options from the same maker!

Jenny's Other Favorite 5 Ingredient Salad

Cravings by Jenny Booth Potter

 Maybe it’s just cause everything is so hot here right now but all I want are salads. I am learning that texture is one of the most important parts of what makes my meal enjoyable, and the texture of this salad is so great. The secret is in the cut, which I learned from my very favorite food blogger, Deb from Smitten Kitchen. You want to roll up the kale so the cuts are thin and strippy - yes, this is a sexy salad.