Consider This

Consider This
Photo by Max van den Oetelaar / Unsplash

Consider this your invitation to take a deep breath. Or to stare at your screen or window for just a few minutes. To put off the thing for a few more days. Or to tackle it immediately. Consider this a message of do what your body is telling you to do (even if it feels scandalous to listen to her sometimes).

Eat the queso.

Take the nap/walk/break.

Plan the trip/date/meal.

Watch the rerun/the sunset/the whatever you want.

Do what serves you. Get a taste of what that's like. Even if only for today.


Body+: Gesundheit! Did your vagina just sneeze?

Eye Candy: Ru the day! RuPaul is fabulous from hue, house to habit.

The Flo(w): Catch the first reactions to ‘The Little Mermaid’. We've been waiting!

Pregnant Pause: Yes, you can gaslight yourself! This is what it can look like... and how to reframe.