Meet Sassy!

Meet Sassy!

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The Flow

This is where we share reviews on music, movies and all things pop culture. Sometimes we'll focus on new releases, but we'll also be asking the important questions, like "Does Ms. Education still hold up?" or "Jurassic Park; my first feminist movie" The Flow is an opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions on all things pop culture- past and present.

Cramping My Style

The only thing worse than period cramps, is the way the world keeps trying to cramp the freedom of women. Every week, we'll rant over one issue thats really cramping our style and one way we can fight back.  

She's Gotta Have It

We love trying new things- hair products, travel bags, productivity tools, books. You name it, we are always looking for a new obsession. But we cant keep all of our great finds to ourself! Read this section to purchase or just be entertained by us getting all excited over the little things.

Pregnant Pause

We hope you will take an opportunity to breathe deeply with us for an intentional pause- pregnant with the possibility of coming back to yourself.


Though our team members are all in our thirties, we are still on the journey of being educated about our own bodies. Join us in discovering more about the miracle of ourselves in easy to consume tidbits.  

And thats not all...

We'll keep changing it up, adding new sections, and rotating the favorites. Stay tuned!