Come What May

Come What May
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi / Unsplash

Everyone we know seems to be going through some sort of transition - maybe as simple as wrapping up another school year or as complex as moving across the country or ending a marriage. But real significant things are changing and with that, a sense of chaos is often added. We don't know about you, but we're not so great when it comes to chaos aka the lack of control when so much is up in the air. A phrase we're repeating a lot this month is simply "come what may." We will spend our energy dealing with what comes, when it comes. We will channel all the Morgan Harper Nichol's quotes about not missing what is meant for us and giving ourselves patience and space. We will be kind and gentle to ourselves.
And so may you.

What's Good?

Jenny just launched her new substack newsletter!

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The Flo(w): Kindred is now a limited series on is based on Octavia Butler's 1979 classic book Kindred.  While we have to admit that stories of slavery arent generally a soft place to land, we must celebrate Butler and her impact on sci-fi for Black girls.  

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