Circling Back

Circling Back
Photo by Jernej Graj / Unsplash

Tis the season of email exchanges that begin with "circling back". We set new meetings, start new projects, or pick up where we took a break. We create new goals, decorate vision boards and reassess our passions, vocations, calling. In the midst of all the circling back- we hope you will circle back to yourself. Check in. Plan for rest. Create boundaries that work for you. Ask yourself, "are you doing well?" May this not just be the beginning of the year but the beginning of treating yourself well all year long.

What's Good

Our CEO, Austin, was able to represent us at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah! It was cold and snowy, but the panels and conversations were warm. There is nothing like being surrounded by other people who share a love for storytelling.

More Goodies

Pregnant Pause: Close your eyes. Drop your shoulders. Turn this up. Lauryn Hill gives us a stunning, classical rendition of Ex Factor.

Periods + Sentences: The absolute classic Black Women Writers at Work is being reprinted and Black women are thrilled. Have you ordered your copy?

The Flow: We have to give a shoutout to Angela Bassett who is the first person to snag an Oscar nomination for acting in a Marvel movie!

Eye Candy: Quinta Brunson shares text messages between herself and Tyler James Williams when Abbott Elementary first gets picked up. Its so beautiful to see the beginning in the midst of all the success of the show.