Celebrate Good Times

Celebrate Good Times
Photo by Chris Benson / Unsplash

One thing we can all be certain of -- besides death (which we are not talking about) or taxes (Crap! Gotta get on that) -- is birthdays. About as reliably as things can be, Birthdays come on time. We can all depend on them. But how we celebrate them can feel so different.

Birthdays have been on the brain of our teammate Jenny, as she turned 40 last October and yesterday welcomed her husband to the same decade. How they each wanted to be celebrated was about as different as can be. Jenny wanted a day filled with tried and true favorites- her favorite restaurant and favorite store and favorite ice cream shop (jeni's of course). Nothing new, no surprises. But for her husband's big day he wanted the exact opposite. "Let's try a new place for lunch and for dinner," he suggested. Jenny's mind was blown by this risky plan.

Which are you? Do you love returning to favorites, combing over a beloved restaurant menu, being able to celebrate with the familiar? OR do you long for surprise, the thrill of the new and maybe even slightly risky? However you celebrate, know this: you are worthy of celebration. 24/7. 365 days a year.


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Cravings: Jeni's Ice Cream has a new flavor! And our Jenny could not be more excited. But we arent so sure about this flavor hitting the scene.

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Shits and Giggles: The accuracy of "when your mom comes to visit" has us in stitches.