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We are just a few days away from the release of our limited series podcast: Full Reset. On November 1st you will find our first episode on your favorite podcast platform. We'll be back in your inbox to celebrate this new release and offer other goodies to go along with the show.

In our first episode we discuss why we need a full reser. Then we deep dive into  finding representation and the ways our lives have been saved over and over again by Black women. You're gonna love it!

In the meantime, we simply must turn our attention to the Day Of Candy, better known as Halloween!

Lessons from Michael Myers  

The Flo(w) by Brooke Campbell

I am not afraid to admit I am scared of the dark. Full transparency, I recently graduated to having the TV turned off while sleeping a few weeks back.  It’s partially my fault. I love scary movies.  Unfortunately, the love is unrequited.

Even though I love horror, I have not kept up with the Halloween/Michael Myers franchise, but the supposedly final installment of the long runing series released on peacock, so I decided to check it out.

Halloween Ends is a straightforward slasher flick. Although there are some twists, frankly, I don't want to talk about any of that! I'm sure I was supposed to be enthralled by the storyline, but all I was thinking was, “how do I get a man to stay interested in me for that long? Since 1978 and across 13 movies?  How do I become as irresistible as Jamie Lee Curtis”?

So I went back to the movie before this one, Halloween Kills. I didn’t find my answers there. So I decided I needed to go back to the inception. I watched the 1978 original, baby! Of course, there were half-naked teens, babysitting, and white women falling - BUT eureka!  As near as I can tell, I just have to perform the following steps:

  1. Be fisty
  2. Play hard to get
  3. Be the one that got away

So it seems that if I can avoid being bludgeoned or stabbed to death, I have a chance at lifelong adoration or obsession?  Listen, I’ll take either at this point.  Thank you, Halloween.  

She's Gotta Have It

by Stephanie McBee

If I keep it a buck, Halloween is just not my holiday. I’ve never been one for the ghosts, goblins and pumpkins, or the transformative experience of a costume. I have not nan child of my own and I shant be throwing any Halloween parties. Nor will I be out galivanting door to door trick or treating. But I’m always down for an opportunity to be fly for a dope themed holiday party. So, when my job said to show up to work in Halloween themed attire, your girl slayed in her Night Before Christmas, boss ass blazer.

This Halloween vintage modern blazer says, I’m professional but I’m approachable. Lol Was this necessary? No. Was this what my employers meant by Halloween attire? Probably not. Did your girl kill it with fresh flyness? Absolutely! Light in the Box came through with the clutch fab finds for out of the box thinkers like me.

My Horror Top 10

by Austin Channing Brown

0. The Fog (1980) It astmospheric. Its slow but steady. It gives us early Jamie Lee Curtis. What else do we need from 80s horror?

9. Halloween (2018):It was so much fun to watch 3 generations of women figure out what to do against Micheal.

8. Candyman (1992): Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman... Need I say more? It's Black. It's classic. It's iconic. It's Tony Todd.

7. The Platform: I honestly dont know how to categorize The Platform. It is dramatic. It has gore. It is a commentary on social hierarchy. It stays with you.  

6. Get Out: Talk about an orginial concept! And it didnt not disappoint in thoughtfulness or the gore.

5. Saw: Call me weird but I love psychological thrillers and Saw doesnt disappoint.

4. Black Summer (season one): Humans are delightfully regular in this action packed show. Wondering what in the world you would do in the same situations is entirely worth the ride.

3. All of Us Are Dead: This one is filled with thrills without sacrificing incredibly interesting teenage characters.

2. Lovecraft Country: This show was so delicious. Every episode was a reimagining in a different genre. There is the werewolf inspired opener, the Indiana Jones- like adventure, a futuristic sci-fi journey to find the self... I mean the list goes on and on. Innovative.

1 Train to Busan: I love, love, love this movie. It has everything: a zombie apocolpyse, characters to love and hate, plenty of comedy and a lot of heart which is so rare for horror movies. The only reason I dont watch this movie more often is because it gets me all in my feelings.