Becoming Ourselves

Becoming Ourselves
Photo by Jessica Felicio / Unsplash

It's here! The first episode of Full Reset is out in the world, and we can't wait for you to listen.


In this clip, Austin talks about the first time a kid called her an "Oreo" at the age of 10. And though that was a complicated moment, in many ways it put her on a journey to understand (and define) blackness for herself.

But that wasn't her only experience. In this episode on identity, Austin also talks about working under the Mayor of a Cleveland suburb (a Black woman who happens to be the current Secretary of Housing!) Stephanie talks about introduced to the excellence of the Delta Sorority. Brooke gives us some colorful wisdom from her mother that will make you laugh out loud. And Jenny tells us about some rooms she was introduced to, but didn't want to occupy.

It's all about finding ourselves. You can find Full Reset on apple, spotify or your favorite podcast platform.

More Goodies:

Pregnant Pause: Take a deep breath and ponder the work of artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh who is painting a series of murals depicting Black people who have the ability to fly.  

Eye Candy: We were so tickled by these Halloween costumes from Lizzo, Kerry Washington and the dress up queen Janelle Monae. But we must give an honorable mention to Heidi Klume for... well, not eye candy... but dedication, we suppose.

The Flow: Its almost Black Panther season! Do you have your tickets for the soon to be released sequel?

Cravings: Michigan cider mills do not mess around. Not only are they going to offer pumpkins, they are serving delicous frozen cider slushies, bacon maple doughnuts, and more. Yum!