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Herself Media is passionate about creating experiences that deeply resonate with women who long for pleasure and delight. Whether we are creating an entertaining newsletter, producing a meaningful podcast, filming stories or curating an intimate event- our commitment to joy remains unshakeable.

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There are no cheat codes for reaching an informed, multiracial, justice-conscious, millennial generation who is constantly questioning the status quo. The only way to reach them is to know them. And we do. We are them.

The world has become increasingly diverse and so have audience desires. If you're struggling to meet those needs, you've come to the right place. Join the future by partnering with our Black-owned, women-led company for fresh and audacious insights and ideas.

We can help you create women-driven media: from podcasts to original series to branded content. We can assist in developing the characters in your script, assess your upcoming justice-themed campaign, or churn out bold ideas for marketing to women of color.  

Let's disrupt your industry and move the world.

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